Total Power 994kWp
Investor CME Solar
EPC Contractor EPC Solar INS
Construction Partner Hung Phat Mechanical and Electrical Company
Installation location WorldVina Factory at Phuoc Thai – Long Thanh - Dong Nai
Installation Equipment

Solar Panel: Longi Mono - 435 Wp

On-grid Inverter Sungrow 110CX

Aluminum frame system and installation accessories Austdoor


INS Energy is proud to be an EPC general contractor with many years of experience and proven reputation in the field of design, installation and operation of solar power systems in Vietnam.

With the goal of becoming a leader in providing solutions and products in the field of clean energy and renewable energy, INS Energy has built and developed a team of managers, engineers, and employees. well-trained, rich in practical experience, and constantly improving processes, technology and equipment over the years.

In addition, after more than 5 years of establishment and development, INS Energy's energy products and solutions have participated in many large projects. Currently, we have been and continue to develop a network with more than 100 distribution & installation partners nationwide, ready to meet all needs of domestic and foreign customers in a comprehensive and optimal way.

Investment Opportunities

Seizing investment opportunities and economic, and environmental benefits of solar power, CME SOLAR Investment Joint Stock Company has decided to invest in a solar system with a capacity of ~ 01MWp. At the same time, make a plan to find a convenient installation location and a reputable contractor to implement the project.

After surveying and searching, CME Solar Company chose to install the system on the roof of the WorldVina factory - in Long Thanh, Dong Nai, located in the key industrial development area of Dong Nai province.

At the same time, CME Solar also trusted and decided to choose Solar INS as a reliable partner of the project general contractor.


To get the best quality for the project, CMES pays special attention to the main equipment of the project, especially panels and inverters from famous global brands, with the most advanced technologies, suitable for the project life cycle, stable operation, and optimal performance. At the same time, CMES also requires that the source of equipment must be fully prepared and ready to hand over in time to meet the construction schedule.

In addition, the Investor also requires Solar INS to survey, advise and offer implementation plans suitable to the operating conditions of the plant, roof plan; prepare bills of quantities and construction plan clearly, meet the technical standards and project quality, and quickly connect to the grid.

Effective solution

Thanks to the outstanding equipment supply capacity, with many reputable and quality equipment suppliers from domestic and international manufacturers, Solar INS has prepared quality equipment for the project. Longi panels with many modern technologies, top 1 in terms of quality, performance/price; Sungrow grid-tied inverter has a conversion efficiency of more than 98%, is easy to install, operates stably throughout the project life, and meets 100% of the national grid connection standards have been chosen for the project.

Meeting the investor's expectations about the project's efficiency, Solar INS's engineering team conducted a survey of the current status of the roof, structural appraisal, basic design drawings, and necessary material measurement to save investment costs, ensure construction progress, and technical standards and high aesthetics. During the implementation process, Solar INS's engineering team always supervises and urges the construction unit, strictly manages the quality of the work, bringing peace of mind and satisfaction to the investor.

Project completion
WorldVina - CMES solar system in Long Thanh, Dong Nai, when completed and put into use, has completely met the expectations of the investor, criteria of quality, and performance. The system meets 100% of the plan, quickly passes EVN's audits to connect to the national power grid, operates stably, and achieves high power output.
The outstanding performance of the project
Average energy yield 1.3 GWh/year
Sell electricity to EVN with profit of more than 2.6 billion VND/year
Reducing CO2 emissions by more than 0.4 tons/year - Equivalent to planting more than 70,000 new trees
The payback period is only 5 years.