IoT SOLAR STREET LIGHT (Internet of Things)

- In modern life, people want to develop all devices and items, whether they are privately owned or public infrastructure, in a cost-effective way. The replacement of conventional street lights with LED lights using solar energy is contributing to saving energy and reducing environmental pollution.

- With the development of technology, IoT (Internet Of Things) solar street light system - outdoor lighting solution is increasingly developed and widely applied. With superior features such as saving, safety, stable operation, high durability, easy installation, no need for grid electricity, no monthly electricity cost, fully automatic operation, and low maintenance cost.

- In 2013, started to develop diversified IOT smart control solar street light, APP Bluetooth solar power, street light, music solar garden light, and solar storage systems and pay as you use it. As a strong and proactive management structure along with a team of skilled technical experts with expertise in both solar energy and LED lighting systems, Jinsdon Lighting has launched "Smart Cities and  Green Energy" to develop the world's No. 1 leading smart solar street light with 4G and Zigbee / Lora Network, meanwhile, own a patent for 4G + Zigbee / Lora network technology worldwide. Jinsdon adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity, professionalism and win-win, strives for the team, does every detail well, and implements a strict product inspection system, to ensure the highest quality and create greater value for customers.

- An IoT solar light system includes:
+ Smart remote monitoring GPRS & Zigbee Solar street lighting system
+ Input voltage: 9-30V (9-48V) Customizable)
Standby current: 65mA/12V, 33mA/24V
+ Working temperature: -40℃ to +85℃
Receive sensitivity: -100dBm
Line transmission distance:
+ GSM 1.5KM mode: 2G, 3G, 4G

- Manufacturer:
INS Energy imports and distributes genuine products directly from the manufacturer Jinsdon Solar, a company specializing in the production of solar street lights. With 15 years of experience in the field of solar energy and street lights, JSD solar's products have been distributed and implemented in many projects globally, including in high-quality required markets such as Japan, the US, Australia, and Europe. Europe...
- General properties of the product:
+ Aluminum alloy die-cast lamp housing with high strength and weather resistance, easily cope with outdoor environmental changes.
+ High-class Lithium LiFePO4 storage battery, made from quality battery cells from EIKTO, BYD, CATL... Integrated with BMS (Battery Manage System) software to protect and optimize performance. Guaranteed battery life over 10 years of use.
+ Premium design, anti-corrosion, and waterproof IP66 standard.
+ Mono-solar panels, operating efficiency over 22%.
+ LED chip from Bridgelux, brightness >160lm/W.
+ MPPT charge control.
+ Motion sensor detection distance >12 meters.
+ Ability to integrate wireless control and monitoring.

- The first Internet of Things solar street light with centralized intelligent control and global management functions. All solar street lights are connected in a system based on Internet of Things technology, which can be managed in real-time globally.
- Internet of Things solar street lights can be controlled remotely, including using mobile phones and computers and other remote control methods to manage and control working conditions and real-time parameters of solar street lights.
- Remote monitoring and testing function. Internet of Things solar street light can self-test every solar street light in the system in real-time. It must have current, voltage, temperature, active and reactive energy detection functions to detect work failure or abnormality in time, and can detect and alarm in real-time, reduce manual inspection labor;
- With statistical analysis function, Internet of Things solar street light can count the parameters and condition of each part of solar photovoltaic system, control system, light source system and so on, when the solar street lights are working in real-time, and perform summary analysis, and provide information to the management staff on a regular or real-time basis. To make adjustments as needed;
- Smart work, Internet of Things solar street light can be analyzed and sorted according to the big data system of the whole solar street light system platform, which can realize timing control, lighting control, and intelligent control, which not only responds to light usage, protects the entire system from damage, but also maximizes savings in configuration and maximizes profit. investment benefits.


- Introduction of JWL-JL Wireless Solar Street Light Charge Controller:
JWL- JL series smart controller is the only solar light controller that combines with solar charge controller and ZigBee all-in-one module, and also through GPRS concentrator to monitor remotely using PC or phone app. This controller is an integrated LED controller and infrared sensor, with a time and dimming function, program the above parameters from PC and APP software, and has a self-dimming function to automatically control the on/off solar LED for 365 days.
- Specifications:

- The default battery type is sealed lead-acid, gel, or submerged.
- Users can change the battery type, charging voltage, and other parameters as needed.

+ Zigbee/lora device integration, constant current driver, all-in-one infrared sensor, easy installation, lower self-consumption, and high efficiency
+ Zigbee / lora device control remotely  all solar street lights: control led lights, collect activity data of solar panel, solar battery and led lights; failure alarms, and tests, etc. and data transmission of one controller to another.
+ Built-in constant current LED driver, with 91%-96% output efficiency
+ With the infrared sensor, by one remote control to program parameters for all controllers
+ Antenna must be installed outside the box
+ Electrical protection: overload, reverse connection, short circuit, battery charge, discharge protection, etc.
+ Self-dimming function based on battery capacity to ensure it stays on for 365 nights.
IP67 waterproof, suitable for the high or low-temperature environment
+ LED indicator screen to show all working status of solar street light
+ Suitable for all battery types: gel / AGM / li-ion / Lifepo4 or user-defined batteries
+ PV reverse polarity protection
+ Battery reverse polarity protection
+ Protect the battery when charging
+ Battery over-discharge protection
+ Load short circuit protection
+ Overload protection

Light on + time + dim, then time + dim + motion sensor
A. First period: 0-720 minutes with current 0-2700mA
B. Morning mode: 0-720 minutes with current 0-720mA
- See the picture depicting the ability to adjust the lighting options:

+ Terminal mode: Each solar light receives and transmits data directly to a GPRS server with a radius of less than 1.5km

- Route mode (Routing): One solar street light node receives and transmits data to another node in turn until it reaches the GPRS server. The radius is less than 1.5 km. 

- JWL-SWC GPRS concentrator for remote communication
JWL- SWC series concentrator compatible with 4G HUAWEI communication module, 3G, 2G (GPRS signal), can be applied in the world's harshest conditions; whether the area has good 4G signal or remote area only has GPRS signal. Besides, it applies zigbee/Lora technology to local network communication, making it have lower self-consumption while maintaining good communication ability.


 + Three optional communication methods: ZigBee, LORA, ZigBee & LORA communication.
+ Need SIM card, the card can be full netcom.
Wide input voltage range, 12V and 24V available.
+ Long communication radius between terminal modules, up to 2km, and high speed.
+ Low self-consumption and low working capacity.
+ With memory function, terminal module information can be stored.
+ Continue to communicate with the terminal modules in real-time, when there is a problem, it will show an alarm on the PC interface.
 + Wireless communication network is a multi-level network topology, automatic network, reliable and accurate information transmission.
* Note: The device needs to be powered off before operation



- Genuine imported products directly from the manufacturer, helping to optimize costs for the project.
- High-quality products have been proven through major projects implemented globally.
- Product life cycle is over 10 years, minimizing warranty and product replacement costs.
- Highly specialized technical team, providing solutions to meet customers' needs and optimize costs.
- Design, procurement, construction, complete package, turnkey for customers.
- Assure after-sales service, genuine manufacturer warranty, quickly handling errors, and replacing equipment for customers.
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Currently, there are many products from different brands, from many large and small importers and distributors in the solar power market. There are many suppliers who choose low-end products or compete on price to get the market. However, the lifespan of a solar system can be up to 30 years, so you need to choose a reputable distribution company that has a long-term business strategy in the field of renewable energy to cooperate, to ensure product warranty issues when there is a problem.

A company with a highly specialized technical team is also an important factor in ensuring the best support for your Agents & Partners when cooperating in this high-tech, multi-technical field.
With 23 years in the solar industry, GoodWe products are installed in more than 60 countries, maintaining a market share of more than 15% worldwide.
With 23 years in the solar industry, GoodWe products are installed in more than 60 countries, maintaining a market share of more than 15% worldwide.
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About Canadian Solar 450W: solar panels manufactured according to European standards, Made in a Canadian factory, one of the Top 5 brands in the world, widely sold around the world in 72 countries that have dealers of Canadian company.
INS Energy is a direct importer in Vietnam and is a distributor of Canadian solar, providing the best prices for dealers throughout Vietnam.

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- Outdoor travel and camping are the kinds of activities that many people enjoy. To keep in touch with others or use electrical devices, a reserve energy source is essential. Alternative Power Supply serves as a backup source for outdoors, camping, reading. Can be used to charge laptops, drones, lighting. 
- GOFORT 1200W with AC outlet 1200W (Max 2000W) 110V, 120W 12V DC, QC 3.0 & 45W Type C fast charge, 2 X USB 5V/2.4A, SOS Flashlight.
- Power supply for CPAP medical machines in case of emergency such as power outage.
- Use as a supply for indoor loads in case of problems with grid electricity.
- These storage units can be charged with a folding solar panel (suitable for picnics), charged with the car's charger, or with a power adapter.
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