- Solar street lights are urban lighting products. Street lights use electricity generated entirely from solar panels, not using electricity from the grid.
+ LED bulbs.
+ Solar panels.
+ Battery storage.
+ Charge controller and LED driver.
+ Foundation and lamp post.
+ Accessories such as brackets, cables, and outdoor electrical cabinets.
- No electrical wiring cost to each light pole.
- No monthly electricity costs.
- Can be used when the power is out for a long time (2~3 days).
- Integrate many technologies such as motion sensor, brightness control, Bluetooth connection, automatic on/off, monitoring, and remote control.
- Use clean energy sources, and contribute to reducing C02 emissions.

- Manufacturer:

INS Energy imports and distributes genuine products directly from the manufacturer Jinsdon Solar, a company specializing in the production of solar street lights. With 15 years of experience in the field of solar energy and street lights, JSD solar's products have been distributed and implemented in many projects globally, including in high-quality required markets such as Japan, the US, Australia, and Europe. Europe...

- General properties of the product:

+ Aluminum alloy die-cast lamp housing with high strength and weather resistance, easily cope with outdoor environmental changes.
+ High-class Lithium LiFePO4 storage battery, made from quality battery cells from EIKTO, BYD, CATL... Integrated with BMS (Battery Manage System) software to protect and optimize performance. Guaranteed battery life over 10 years of use.
+ Premium design, anti-corrosion, and waterproof IP66 standard.
+ Mono-solar panels, operating efficiency over 22%.
+ LED chip from Bridgelux, brightness >160lm/W.
+ MPPT charge control.
+ Motion sensor detection distance >12 meters.
+ Ability to integrate wireless control and monitoring.

- ALL IN ONE  Solar Street Light:
 + Solar panels, LED lights, charge controller, and storage battery are integrated and pre-connected in a single block.
 + Own patented ABS battery pack, easy assemble, convenient maintenance, no need to disassemble the whole lamp, just change the battery or operating mode of the controller directly.
 + No wiring required, easy to install.

- ALL-IN-1 Solar Street Lights (Self-CLEANING FUNCTION):
Built-in Automatic Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning System, cleans dust to ensure the highest operating efficiency.

- ALL-IN-2 Solar Street Lights:
 + LED, charge controller, and storage battery are integrated and pre-connected in a single block.
 + Cost-effective, easy to transport, install and maintain.

- SEPARATED Solar Street Lights
 + Economical and flexible solution to meet all the requirements of all kinds of projects, unlimited solar panel capacity and battery storage, LED lights will work for a longer time than integrated solar light.
+ Mono solar panels from 100W to 380W.
+ Battery stores LiFePO4 from 512Wh to 4112Wh.
+ LED power from 20W to 200W.
+ LED light with motion sensor and optional LoRa IoT control.
+ Option to install pole or frame solar panels.