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To be the dealer of comprehensive cooperation with INS ENERGY to develop the market in the area in charge. Used the INS ENERGY brand, fully supported and provided with sales, human resources, marketing tools...

Our company INS ENERGY provides a variety of solutions and equipment for the renewable energy industry for Dealers/collaborators to install for customers, diversifying solutions, diversifying products, and optimizing profits. Dealers/collaborators of INS Energy will receive technical support, design, construction, solution consulting, knowledge training, customer support/marketing,...

As a dealer to buy goods and products from INS ENERGY to redistribute to the dealer's customers in the area in charge. Technical support, marketing, training period, customer introduction, payment, debt, goods exchange... are provided.

With our passion and dedication, we bring to our customers value from smart, environment-friendly energy products and solutions. Thereby contributing to building energy sources for our life
Strategic partner and distributor of the world's leading equipment manufacturers: GOODWE, CANADIAN, TRINA, QCELL, MUST, SAJ
Our professional and experienced technical team is ready to advise, support, and design solutions that are suitable for customers' needs, help dealers & partners install systems with optimal value and improve chances of closing sales with end-users.
Good pricing policy, payment, debt for dealer & partner, long-term cooperation
Strategic partner and distributor of the world's leading equipment manufacturers: GOODWE, CANADIAN, TRINA, QCELL, MUST, SAJ
Clean energy - Potential and sustainable business

Renewable energy and clean energy are becoming common in our daily lives. In developed countries, the proportion of renewable energy sources such as Solar Power, Wind Power... is increasingly accounting for a higher proportion compared to traditional fossil fuel extraction power sources.

In Vietnam, although 2020 is a booming year for Solar Power, with a total installed capacity of more than 16,000 MWp, the development potential of clean energy is still very large with many products, solutions, and new technology that can meet the diverse energy needs of users.

Sustainable business, less dependent on government policies and pricing mechanisms (FIT Price), and building a comprehensive ecosystem of energy products and solutions are the business goals of INS ENERGY.

Energy business - Easy but difficult
Huge market potential, few competitors, diverse customer needs. No need for financial resources or large number of personnel
Searching for quality products with price segments suitable to the needs of the market, solutions with high technical factors, diverse in categories
Cooperation with INS ENERGY - The fastest way to enter the market

Cooperation with INS ENERGY - The fastest way to enter the market

You are in another business, want to participate in this clean energy field, but don't know how to start? Let's cooperate with INS ENERGY, we have everything you are looking for

  • Sources of quality equipment, prices suitable to the diverse needs of the market; With many years of doing business in this field, we always choose the world's leading, reputable, top-quality manufacturers, with a wide variety of price segments.
  • Comprehensive training on products, sales, design, construction, and installation... all the knowledge so you can get started the easiest way.
  • Support construction guidance, and on-site installation for Dealers & Installation Partners for the first projects.
  • Support marketing, and introduce customers in the agent's area.
  • Policy after-sales service, warranty, product return, and exchange quickly and flexibly.

Are you in the solar power business, looking for new products and solutions? Let's cooperate with INS ENERGY, we have everything you are looking for

  • Diverse solutions meet different customer needs, with different segments
  • Products are selected from reputable manufacturers that passed the process of quality checking and evaluating before importing in large quantities and distributing.
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Reviewed by partners
Ms. Ho Ngoc Thuy Trang
Ms. Ho Ngoc Thuy Trang
Director of Smart System Informatics Trading Service Co., Ltd
We have had the opportunity to cooperate with Ins Energy since the early days of its establishment; together we achieved certain successes in the field of solar power. With prompt and timely support and reasonable equipment supply solutions, Ins Energy has made it easy for us to consult and approach customers. Thanks to that, the projects of Intelligent Systems Informatics achieved more than expected results. Surely in the future, we will have long-term cooperation with Ins Energy, gradually developing more in the green energy industry.
Mr. Nguyen Duy Tin
Mr. Nguyen Duy Tin
Director of DSP Equipment Materials Joint Stock Company
INS Energy is one of the key partners in the South and Southwest regions; they have provided good and timely technical support for our important projects. It can be said that this cooperation is the turning point of DSP's development on the way to bringing green energy to all customers in our target region. We hope that INS Energy and DSP will be long-term companions, together to conquer the upcoming goals, thank you!
Ms. Tran Thi Hop
Ms. Tran Thi Hop
Director of Tin Dat Construction Co., Ltd
I am very satisfied with the technical team of Ins Energy; they offer flexible solutions to meet the difficult needs of our demanding customers. Comprehensive from listening to opinions, proposing and designing the project carefully and in detail. We have conquered many large and small projects over the years and hope this cooperation will be even more successful in the future.